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Microsoft Azure

Our experts take your Azure project to the next level. With our extensive know-how in the areas of application development, cost optimization, DevOps, cloud migration and security, we support you reliably and effectively.

The potential of Azure

We develop scalable, high-quality and secure cloud-native applications in Azure for you.
We use all Azure services, such as
Azure DevOps - SQL Azure - Azure Front Door 


Security and compliance

Microsoft is one of the leading companies in terms of research and development in the field of cyber security. Use Azure AD to protect access to your data and resources with strong authentication without compromising the customer experience.


Highly available applications

Azure offers a variety of tools

- Availability Zones - Availability Sets - Azure Site Recovery - Azure Backup -

to form a stable basis so that you can safely achieve all reliability goals of your work packages. 


State-of-the-art infrastructure 

Raise your IT infrastructure  to the next level with an Azure migration and benefit from a reduction in your IT expenses. Azure ensures short-term and long-term cost performance for your resources, including your data, servers, analytics, and applications. 



Use the auto scaling of the Azure Cloud and scale your applications and databases to suit your requirements. Together with us you can modernize your existing applications or develop them cloud native directly on Azure.


Cloud migrations

Migrate your existing on-premises environment to the Azure Cloud and immediately benefit from all the advantages, extended functionalities, scalability and flexibility.

Application development

We are your partner for your cloud native new development or the migration of existing applications.

Microsoft Teams & Office 365

Increase the productivity of your teams and enable company-wide communication.

Azure architecture 

Our experts advise you on topics such as Microsoft Zero Trust reference architecture and help you with the design of your architecture.

Active Directory, IAM & Security

Use a central cloud-based identity and access management system with Azure Active Directory and manage your access rights and authorizations securely and easily with the integration of Azure IAM.

Azure Data Engineering & Synapse

Unlock the full potential of your data. We build your Azure Data Lakes, Azure Data Engineering projects and Azure Synapse together with you.


We offer you individual training courses that are tailored to your requirements. Contact us now and lay the foundation for extensive in-house competence in Microsoft Azure.

Microsoft Azure Admin

In this training, cloud administrators will learn how to implement, monitor and maintain Microsoft Azure solutions, including key services in the areas: 

 Data processing




Microsoft Azure Solution Architect

Our experts provide your employees with knowledge of the architecture, configuration and implementation of cloud solutions on the Azure platform. The aim is to prepare the participants for the planning and implementation of cloud solutions based on Microsoft Azure.







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